Next Steps

Use the Impact Business Model Canvas to surface new possibilities and innovative solutions that generate both commercial value and social impact.  Remember to iterate on your canvas multiple times, in various settings, and with different stakeholders. Try creating two different canvases for the venture you want to build, one assuming a for-profit status and the other as a nonprofit organization. Stretching to envision both possibilities will likely surface new opportunities and help you to clarify key elements of your value proposition.

The Impact Business Model Canvas is more of a process than a final product. It will undergo constant change as you work to define your value proposition and core business functions. Even mature organizations use the canvas to evaluate new opportunities, because it helps to ensure your activities align with your value proposition and intended impact. Large organizations with multiple business lines, products, or affiliates may create one canvas for each.

No matter if you are an aspiring social entrepreneur looking to launch your first venture or a business conglomerate evaluating a new socially-responsible product line, the Impact Business Model Canvas can help you evaluate your opportunities and position you to best deliver on your vision, today and over time.